nemensis has locations in Switzerland and Germany

The life sciences sector is a growth sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and will continue to be a major job creator in the years ahead. This sector includes biotechnology, the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry, and medical technology. As such, candidates from the fields of life sciences and healthcare have good prospects on the labour market.

It is always difficult for young entrants to land their first job, particularly if they do not have any work experience. Science graduates find it easier to enter the job market if they do not specialise too early, leaving their options open by choosing a wide range of subjects, completing work placements or studying abroad, gaining initial experience in different areas.

The possibilities offered by the internet, job boards and social networks have significantly changed the way in which employees are recruited. And yet the multitude of possibilities has not made it any easier for clients and candidates to find each other.

Nowadays, qualified candidates are more particular with regard to their choice of companies and role profiles. They are also less willing to relocate, particularly at the middle management level.

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