Our Values

We treat each other with respect in an open, understanding and fair manner. We realise that people are different and benefit from diversity. We acknowledge the merits of others and are aware of the importance of each and every individual. We provide open, honest and constructive feedback.
We treat all candidates and clients with fairness, competence and appreciation, regardless of the person involved or the situation.

Maximum Quality
We are a qualified source of advice for clients and candidates alike. We cater for individual needs and provide regular feedback. Our services, dossiers and documents meet the highest quality in the quantity required. They are based on defined processes and are subject to continuous improvement.
We are efficient, we keep to our word and we are often recommended by clients and candidates alike.

Enjoyment of Success
We are aware that sales and earnings form the basis of our existence. We work dynamically and merit-based in an inspirational atmosphere where it is fun to achieve objectives and successes, which are celebrated together. We are a team and act accordingly.

Communication is an important part of our work. We communicate openly and clearly, transparently and promptly and, whenever possible, simultaneously to all individuals concerned. If anything is unclear, we will ask for more details. We regularly interact and exchange information with each other.

All nemensis employees act with fairness, irrespective of their position within the organisation. We respect all employees, colleagues and superiors alike. We act in the most transparent manner possible. We act with fairness to all stakeholders.

Mutual Trust
We act in a spirit of mutual trust and have confidence in each individual’s abilities. We stand by our statements and act in an authentic manner. We are reliable and support each other at all times, wherever we are engaged within the nemensis Group.
We broach critical issues openly as required, safe in the knowledge that we talk to each and not about each other.

In a bid to set ourselves apart from the competition, we are creative and enjoy forging new paths. We use cross-selling between our business areas and are always open to innovations, suggestions and improvements that will be assessed and reflected on as quickly as possible. It goes without saying that we take a broader perspective!

Long-Term Orientation
We wish to retain our clients and candidates on a long-term basis, which is why we regularly engage in exchange with them.
We act with careful consideration and deliberation. We work on the basis of pursuing long-term goals.

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