A successful application requires well-structured and comprehensive application documents. Following you will find useful information for your cover letter and your CV.
Please note, that there are no limits to your individual creativity and that the following examples are serving as a starting point and guide.



In our blog, we regularly post exciting tips and tricks about "Applying" from the recruiter’s perspective, that will help and advise you during the application process.

27th March 2019 | HR | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

More and more jobs are being offered via recruiting agencies. For applicants this can lead to confusion and with the help of this article we will explain you more about the whole process. We will list the key benefits for you and explain our transparent process from application to hiring.


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14th March 2019 | HR | Paulina Soszynska

For many of us, an interview means stress - stress of the unknown. From a psychological point of view this is also quite normal, because we are most afraid of the unknown or the things in life that we can only control a little ourselves. But there is one thing we can help you with: we can help you to prepare properly for your next job interview.


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11th July 2018 | Marketing | Marcel Honegger

I am a pharma recruiter and, like for most recruiters, LinkedIn is one of my most important tools when I help companies finding the right candidate to fill their positions. I search the LinkedIn database on a daily basis and I encounter many different profiles with varying quality. I would like to give you some tips and tricks in order to stand out from the crowd while making your profile more attractive.

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How do I go about applying?

Since you are one of a hundred or so candidates, you need to be certain that your application dossier makes a good impression. A well compiled dossier will help the assessor make a quick first evaluation. You must be able to present your skills and strengths to match the requirements profile. Every application you submit should be an individual, personal offer on your part. Rather than preparing several identical dossiers, make sure to tailor your application to the particular vacancy in question. It is important to have a clear picture of the vacancy and the employer.

The cover letter is always the first part of the application dossier, in which you say a bit about yourself by describing briefly and concisely why you are the ideal candidate. Refer to your experience or strengths that match those explicitly stated in the job advertisement. Your cover letter should be written in a matter-of-fact, positive tone.

Enclose a cover letter with your full CV, referring briefly to your key experiences and professional achievements. Enclose a photograph that has been taken professionally. Note: photos taken at the latest party or in a photo booth will hugely reduce your chances of success! Finally, enclose all references and qualifications. Never submit original documents.

How can nemensis help me to find a job?

Visit our online Job Search and enter keywords relating to your profession and role. Contact us or send us your dossier. We will then hold an initial interview with you and find your ideal job.

nemensis draws on an extensive network of companies and individuals, meaning that we will also help you to submit unsolicited applications to potential employers.

Do I have to pay for these services?

Assessment and recruitment are part of the service we offer at nemensis. No charge is made to candidates.

What should I bring to the interview?

If the initial interview is held at our premises, our consultant will tell you which documents to bring. If the interview is to take place at the potential employer’s premises, consult the internet to get a good idea of its key activities. During the interview, you can show your interest by referring to these activities.

Which companies will my documents be sent to?

This decision will be taken jointly with your nemensis consultant. You will find out more during the initial interview.

How much later will nemensis contact me?

The timeline for filling a vacancy depends to a great extent on the employer. We often accompany the process in an advisory capacity, but are unable to give any standardised information. It goes without saying that we will contact you as soon as possible!

Will I need a work permit?

This depends on your nationality and place of residence. Your nemensis consultant will be able to give you more detailed information.

Must I accept the position offered?

Definitely not. Just as employers are entitled to reject candidates, candidates are also free to turn down any offers of employment.

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