The cover letter is the first document viewed.

What to consider before writing the cover letter

  • Where am I applying to? Find out about the company where you wish to work
  • Why do you want to work there?
  • Does the requirements profile match your qualifications?    
  • What makes you the right candidate for the vacancy? Stelle?

Main elements of a cover letter

  • Your contact details, the correct address of the company, the current date
  • Reference to the job advertisement and where it was published, full name and title of the person you should write to
  • Introduction – stand out from the competition by showing you are familiar with the company and its strengths
  • Main body – give a precise description of your strengths and skills that match those specified in the job advertisement. Demonstrate your motivation and enthusiasm
  • Emphasise why you believe you are the ideal candidate for the job. Write just a few concise sentences
  • Closing remark – refer to your wish for an interview and indicate your earliest possible start date

Ask someone to read through your application. Make absolutely sure that all typing and grammatical errors have been eliminated, and that your style is consistent. Choose a font that is easy to read.

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