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8th of January 2020 | Consulting | Marcel Weber

An interesting question for HR decision-makers as well as for candidates is if the growing complexity in work environment will favor generalists or specialists? On the one side, the growing complexity is in the favor of the specialist. On the other side, knowledge has very fast decreasing value which can set the specialist in a situation in which he cannot acquire knowledge fast enough. 


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11th December 2019 | HR | Mirjam Hachen

Recruitment agencies are repeatedly dealing with prejudices of applicants. With this article I would like to show that some prejudices can be eliminated. As a bridge to the work sphere, various personnel agencies offer the service of personnel and job placement, so do we at nemensis ag. Unfortunately, there are still prejudices against personnel service providers and personnel consultants. Wrongly, I think. Below you can see the a list of the most common prejudices and our statement.


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27th of November 2019 | Leadership | Marcel Weber

Modern work life is facing growing complexity. Because of specialisation leaders face new challenges. The traditional boss who was mainly a control institution seems to reach his limits in modern work life. The modern leader must be more than just a control institution as he must manage talents of employees for maximum welfare of the organisation. This article highlights some main skills of the modern leader. This article is meant to shed light on the whole issue and address the essential differences between boss and leader.


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13th November 2019 | Lifestyle | Jasmine Jucker

What is Work-Life Balance? Everyone knows this expression and the majority believes that Work-Life Balance is a balance between work and private life. Although, if we think deeper about it, do we take enough time for ourselves so that we can give our maximum while working 100%?

The statistics show completely different results as losing control over our balance can lead to serious issues. Let's be honest: it is not easy to admit to your line manager that you currently have too much of work. It is crucial, though, to be honest and talk openly if something is not alright. This topic is important, and you are not alone in it.


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30th October 2019 | Leadership | Marcel Honegger

Many companies have a medium to high turnover rate. Obviously, there are many reasons for this. However, one reason is that good employees are not valued enough.
Many management theories suggest models, which help companies to improve the performance of their employees. However, employees who do already perform at their highest are many times not addressed.
One might claim that it is not important to make any effort in this direction, because why should a company try to improve employees who are already working perfectly.
Nevertheless, this is a very short-term view. As many companies are looking for exceptional employees, there is a huge demand on the job market for them.


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16th October 2019 | Recruiting | Paulina Soszynska

In 2018 more than 400,000 job seekers were able to find a job in Switzerland through recruitment agencies. Thanks to staffing companies, 170,000 people in Switzerland were offered the chance to be professionally flexible (swissstaffing, CEO Meeting 09/2019). Increasing Gig Economy is a key factor for recruitment agencies. Digitalisation and social development are boosting flexible work. Temporary work via recruitment agencies in Switzerland allows flexible work opportunities within a clearly defined and fair framework and thus offers more security for so called flexworkers. The flexibility of work and the newly distributed risks and challenges for flexworkers and recruitment agencies are subject of this article.


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3rd October 2019 | HR | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

Applying for a job always starts with submitting the documents to prove our match for the role. While such documents as CV and Diploma are obvious, many candidates remain unsure if the cover letter should also be attached. The answer is YES. Cover letter is not only complementing your CV by highlighting your strongest sides. It also makes it clear for the recruiter that you want this job, so please take your time to write a personalized motivation letter. There is only one reason why you would not want to attach the cover letter: no letter is much better than a poorly written one. Here is how to avoid this.

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18th September 2018 | Recruiting | Marcel Honegger

As a recruiter, I sometimes do think about what recruiting might look like in the future. In my opinion, there are two main drivers, which will change and have already substantially changed this profession. In this article I will explain why I do think that these two drivers are disruptive elements within this industry.

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27th March 2019 | HR | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

More and more jobs are being offered via recruiting agencies. For applicants this can lead to confusion and with the help of this article we will explain you more about the whole process. We will list the key benefits for you and explain our transparent process from application to hiring.


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14th March 2019 | HR | Paulina Soszynska

For many of us, an interview means stress - stress of the unknown. From a psychological point of view this is also quite normal, because we are most afraid of the unknown or the things in life that we can only control a little ourselves. But there is one thing we can help you with: we can help you to prepare properly for your next job interview.


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11th July 2018 | Marketing | Marcel Honegger

I am a pharma recruiter and, like for most recruiters, LinkedIn is one of my most important tools when I help companies finding the right candidate to fill their positions. I search the LinkedIn database on a daily basis and I encounter many different profiles with varying quality. I would like to give you some tips and tricks in order to stand out from the crowd while making your profile more attractive.

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27th February 2019 | HR | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

Some of us consider friendship at work as something unnecessary as there should be a clear line between professional and personal life. Scientists, though, claim that such friendship might improve our efficiency at the work place and help us to avoid burn out. According to Gallup, only around 30% of us (or 1/3 of 15 million employees around the world who took part in the survey) having a (best) friend at work.


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  15th January 2019 | Lifestyle | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

The middle of January is the time when new-year-resolution people face a dilemma: to continue or to give up on freshly set goals. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, only 9,2% of people who make any resolutions, keep on following them after the first few weeks of new year. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Let’s try to find out.

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13th December 2018 | Psychology | Paulina Soszynska

Well-being is something everyone strives for. If people are asked what typically contributes to their satisfaction in life, they name, above all, their own health, fulfilled relationships & family, but also money. Does money effectively increase our life satisfaction or our well-being?

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18th February 2019 | Psychology | Paulina Soszynska

People often talk about the sense in life and yet the word sense usually does not appear as clear as it usually appears in our choice of words. What is sense? Think and try to answer this question for yourself.


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  30th of January 2019 | Recruiting | Marcel Honegger

Recently, I have read a very interesting chapter in the book called «It’s not the How or the What but the Who» written by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz. He is a lecturer at Harvard Business School and a Senior Advisor at Egon Zehnder, one of the leading executive search companies.

The chapter by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz is about selecting good candidates for a specific job and how the odds are against recruiters every time they start looking for matching candidates.


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30th May 2018 | Life Science Law | Marcel Honegger

At the end of this year (presumably), the new EU Clinical Trial Regulation EU No. 536/2014 (CTR) will come into application. This will deeply affect the practice of clinical trials in Switzerland. However, it is still not clear how it will change the contemporary clinical trial rules.

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16th May 2018 | Life Sciences | HR | Paulina Soszynska

What is the way of a drug, starting by drug discovery until to the product is ready to be sold? And which job profiles are hidden behind the respective discovery and development phases of a drug?

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8th May 2019 | Recruiting  | Paulina Soszynska

As a recruitment company, we are directly at the source and are particularly noticing the increasing trend in temporary jobs. In Switzerland, 340,000 people worked temporarily last year. Around 2.5 percent of employees in Switzerland work on temporary contracts. This is shown by the latest statistics from the industry association Swissstaffing.

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3rd April 2019 | Part IV: Taxes in Switzerland  | Doman O. Obrist & Paulina Soszynska

With the help of our blog series "Relocating to Switzerland" New-Arrivels can find useful information for living in Switzerland. In the first and second part of this blog series "Relocating to Switzerland", the topic of the Swiss specifics and the health insurance obligation and their various offers have already been examined. In the third part you will find information on liability and household insurance. In this part we will examine tax issues.

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