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Recruitment agencies are repeatedly dealing with prejudices of applicants. With this article I would like to show that some prejudices can be eliminated.


Personnel service provider as a bridge to the business world

As a bridge to the work sphere, various personnel agencies offer the service of personnel and job placement, so do we at nemensis ag. Unfortunately, there are still prejudices against personnel service providers and personnel consultants. Wrongly, I think. Below you can see the a list of the most common prejudices and our statement.


Personnel service providers receive part of the salary, which belongs to candidates or temporary employees who have been placed in the company

That is not true. In the case of a placement, it goes without saying, that the personnel service provider is paid for the effort, but not on the candidates’ account. There is a separate contract between the personnel service provider (agency) and the client/employment company.


Recruiters are just looking to increase their commission

Who says that all recruiters work on a commission basis? There are many personnel service agencies where recruiters and consultants work on a fixed salary basis.


How can you qualify my resume within minutes and decide if I fit the advertised position? You have no idea about my work

It is true that not every recruiter has experience in the jobs he/she is searching candidates for. However, the recruiters deal with these jobs. It means, that they find out what the content of the job is and what the necessary requirements are. This is done, on the one hand, in close collaboration with the clients who would like us to fill the role, and, on the other hand, through self-study and, of course, through interviews with our candidates.

But there are also the personnel consultants who have learned exactly this profession or at least had to deal with such employees in their industry. In the first phase of recruitment, for example, we qualify the candidates on the basis of their CV, whether they fit the position or not, and in the second phase on the basis of a personal interview or a phone call.


Personnel consultants are corrupt, emotionally cold and have no empathy and respect for the candidate

Why should we be bribed? What is the point of sending a poor profile to a client just because we might receive a bottle of wine from the candidate, who is being unpleasant in the collaboration. It does not benefit either the candidate, the client, or us. On the contrary, it damages our reputation by not doing our job properly by sending a poor CV. This might result in losing a good client if we keep submitting unsuitable profiles.

On the other hand, why should not we show appreciation for the candidate? We are a service company and provide our various services to candidates and clients. This requires respect and recognition from both sides. We and the work we do are not always treated with the necessary respect and appreciation. Nevertheless, we recognize each other's performance and give open, honest and constructive feedback. We treat our candidates fairly, competently and respectfully, regardless of the person or situation.


You send my report to clients without my consent

Communication is an important part of our work. We communicate openly and clearly, transparently and promptly as far as possible. We do not send any documents without the candidate's verbal or written consent.


As a temporary employee, I earn less than a permanent employee

It is a fact that temporary employees receive more wages on their wage statement, since their vacation and holiday pay is included in their wages. However, the temporary employee (paid by the hours) does not have paid holidays by the employer as permanent workers do.

The bottom line, however, is that a temporary employee often receives higher salary because of the type of the job – such jobs are usually time-limited. The hourly wage is calculated based on the annual salary offered by the customer to a permanent employee for the same position.


The role you are looking for is not advertised on the customer's career page. Why then are you looking for this position?

Many jobs are not advertised by customers themselves, because they lack e.g. capacities for the recruitment process. The clients then pay for the personnel service providers to do the work for them and make an initial selection of the applicants.


I do not need you, I can apply myself

As already mentioned above, a staffing service provider often receives vacancies which have not been advertised by the client. Being registered with a personnel service provider such as nemensis, gives the candidate an advantage of being up to date with new roles. The personnel consultant contacts those candidates quicker, who are already registered with the agency.


The application takes longer via the personnel service provider and I am often delayed with feedback for a long time

The candidate can benefit from the good relationship with the personnel service provider. However, it can also happen, that we, as a personnel service provider, have to wait longer for feedback from the client for various reasons. These reasons can be illness, accident or vacation absence of the responsible employee. Nevertheless, our consultants, who maintain contact with the client, always do their best to receive the feedback as quickly as possible, which we then immediately send to the candidate.



With this article I hope to have disproved some of the prejudices. Should you have any further questions on this subject, please ask your trusted personnel consultant directly.

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