The Future of Recruiting: A Recruiter’s Perspective


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As a recruiter, I sometimes do think about what recruiting might look like in the future. In my opinion, there are two main drivers, which will change and have already substantially changed this profession. In this article I will explain why I do think that these two drivers are disruptive elements within this industry.


Artificial Intelligence

For IT-companies the HR-area is very interesting. There are a lot of tasks which already today can be executed digitally without humans. For example: Extracting information from a CV, inviting people to an interview (San Francisco-start-up «mya», New York-start-up «») or even conducting a rudimentary phone interview (Salt Lake City-company-«hirevue»).


All this new development is helping recruiting firms to stay competitive by being fast and efficient.


For the future it might be interesting to see what machine learning is going to be capable of. It is difficult to imagine that machine learning can replace a recruiter when it comes to conducting a technical interview, where also social skills are being tested. However, it might be possible that machines can do everything else except of that.


Why is that? There are already today companies such as the Canadian firm «Ideal» which uses AI to help in resume screening and in the candidate sourcing process through pattern recognition algorithms and this quite successful. The canadian bookstore Indigo could within 4 months reduce their costs per hire at about 71 percent.


Social Media

Nowadays, LinkedIn is the most important online business network. Many recruiting firms have a LinkedIn Recruiter Account to search for the best candidates. While some professions are represented quite well on LinkedIn, e.g. CEOs, there are others which are almost not represented at all, e.g. nurses.


It is going to be interesting to see if the young generation entering the job market, who is growing up with social media, is about to make a change. This could lead to far more online profiles of various job segments making it even easier for recruiters to find suitable candidates.


The question could be raised if this would not further strengthen the position of LinkedIn creating a monopoly in the online business networking industry? Subsequently raising their fees for LinkedIn-Recruiter-Accounts to a point where only big recruiting firms can afford it?


While this could certainly become a reality, one can also not underestimate the innovation of various social media sites, when it comes to making their sites as accessible and affordable as possible for different user groups. It is very important for social network sites to stay attractive to their user groups. The possibility to have access to the job market by being recruited and making a move up the career ladder is certainly one important consideration someone makes when signing up to a business social network.


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