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LinkedIn usage within the pharmaceutical industry

LinkedIn has grown to a very important platform for employees in all sectors. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, the usage of linkedIn varies within the various category groups. There are, for example, many project manager profiles to be found but, especially in Switzerland, laboratory personnel profiles are almost not present.

This is a clear disadvantage for laboratory personnel . Not only do they get less job recommendations, but they also miss the opportunity to connect and engage with other employees from the same or other sectors, which is vital in order to stay competitive in the job market.

Here are some tips and tricks that will make your profile more attractive for companies/recruiters


Be precise when choosing your job title

Once there is a position to be filled, there is usually a job description already created. This can be very tricky. Let’s assume the company is looking for a „Molecular Biologist“. If you work in this field but your job title is e.g. „Associate Scientist“, „Scientist“ or „Laboratory Expert“, you will appear in much less or in no LinkedIn search results. So, it is very important to always choose a job title, which describes exactly the area in which you are employed.


Choose an appropriate profile picture

Even though, LinkedIn is a more informal business network, recruiters use it to find suitable candidates for companies. Therefore, it is highly recommended to view your profile as you would view your CV. This means e.g. no selfies, holiday pictures, and unordinary postures. And if you want to stick out even more, you’ll have to make a professional photo session. Also, a nice smile is never to your disadvantage. :)


Be specific when it comes to your job description

Jobs within the pharmaceutical industry are most of the time very technical. Therefore, the Job description is very detailed and recruiters are looking for these keywords, once they receive a mandate. For that reason, it is advisable to write as much as legally possible about the work, which is conducted, the instruments being used and the Standard Procedures. Let’s assume the recruiter is looking for a laboratory assistant with several years of work experience in the industry. The GMP-knowledge is thus mandatory. If you work for a small pharmaceutical company within a GMP-environment but do not mention this, the recruiter might not consider you as potential candidate.


«Open to new opportunites»

Recruiters have limited time when it comes to fill a position. They need to act economically and fast. So the first people, who will be contacted, are ususally those who click on «open to new opportunities», because the probability of getting a positive feedback is the highest. Of course, it also depends on the attractiveness of the offer. Some recruiters who can offer a very attractive salary, for example, might not take this status into consideration as much. However, when you are looking for your next career step, it is advisable to change your status accordingly.


I hope these 4 recommendations help you to appear more attractive on the job market and thus help you to build valuable connections.

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