27th February 2019 | HR | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

Some of us consider friendship at work as something unnecessary as there should be a clear line between professional and personal life. Scientists, though, claim that such friendship might improve our efficiency at the work place and help us to avoid burn out. According to Gallup, only around 30% of us (or 1/3 of 15 million employees around the world who took part in the survey) having a (best) friend at work.


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  15th January 2019 | Lifestyle | Anastasiya Sakalouskaya

The middle of January is the time when new-year-resolution people face a dilemma: to continue or to give up on freshly set goals. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, only 9,2% of people who make any resolutions, keep on following them after the first few weeks of new year. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Let’s try to find out.

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13th December 2018 | Psychology | Paulina Soszynska

Well-being is something everyone strives for. If people are asked what typically contributes to their satisfaction in life, they name, above all, their own health, fulfilled relationships & family, but also money. Does money effectively increase our life satisfaction or our well-being?

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