Benefits that work friendship can bring



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True friendship comes when the silence

between two people is comfortable. 

David Tyson


A small-talk a day keeps the therapist away

Our entire social network affects our health, habits, and well-being. Taking into consideration the amount of time we spend at work every day, the relationships with our colleagues are of high importance. Scientists state, that there are few types (or stages) of such relationships:

  •  Acquaintance-to-friend
  •  Friend-to-close friend
  •  Close friend-to-best friend


Smiling at each other, starting a conversation (about the weather, you know ;)), opening the door – such little gestures can help you to make a relationship-level-up. In every case, it can have only a good outcome and, of course, closer relationships. Most people have some sensitivities or eccentricities and being a good friend, partner, or parent is about knowing each other’s buttons, practicing empathy, and not taking it personally when there are misunderstandings. That’s why all the unclear situations or issues at work might be solved with less stress. Knowing what negative impact stress has on our organism, having friends at work means having better health in general.


Without a friend, we are all lonely rangers at work

The employee who associates the job with friendships and positive experiences will be more eager to work than the employee with no friends and high levels of stress. What can be better than waking up in the morning with a smile and feeling that it is going to be a great day (the same as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow). It is great to have a possibility to come to work, see people you love, enjoy what you are doing and have pleasure of every minute spent at work. Friendships, especially those that start in the workplace, take time to develop, and it’s never too late to reach out.

I do not have to quote anyone, but myself. I learnt the importance of friends at work on my own career experience. Different countries, different cultures and mentalities, different approach to business. These all can create complicated, negative and stressful situations. Whatever happens, the friends stay, and it is what allows you to say in the end of the day: I am the lucky one!
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