Temporary employment: What do I need to know?



As a recruitment company, we are directly at the source and are particularly noticing the increasing trend in temporary jobs. In Switzerland, 340,000 people worked temporarily last year. Around 2.5 percent of employees in Switzerland work on temporary contracts. This is shown by the latest statistics from the industry association Swissstaffing.

The reasons for temporary positions can be different:  an unapproved budget for the headcount, sickness or maternity leave, or simply processes owed to industry and market changes. Most temporary positions are advertised exclusively via recruitment agencies and are not accessible via internal HR

Temporary work offers companies increased flexibility and competitiveness. But it is not only companies that benefit from temporary work- Temporary employees have many opportunities with temporary employment:

  • As a career jump-start directly after graduation
  • As a bridge
  • The opportunity to get to know many different companies and their specifics
  • Take-over and support of the job search by recruitment agencies
  • Industry-specific consulting and CV check by recruitment agency
  • Flexibility in working life


Framework employment contract and assignment contract

Vertrag unterschreibenAs a temporary employee you are employed by us, nemensis ag, as a recruitment agency. The working location is the company. In other words, you receive a framework employment contract that defines the general working conditions (e.g. general duties or absences) and an assignment contract that defines the specifics of the respective assignment company. For example, if the company is working 40 hours or 42.5 hours per week or how the working time is regulated. The employment contract also contains the start and expected end date, as well as the notice periods and the work location.



CBA on Staff Leasing

As a temporary employee, you are assigned to collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on staff leasing, which provides better protection for ou as employee. You are charged 0.7% of your salary for CBA, but in return you are entitled to receive paid further training in accordance with Temptraining regulations. Depending on the duration of your assignment, you can complete training courses worth up to CHF 4,000 each.

For you as a temporary employee, this means in particular:

  • Subsidized further training
  • Better pension provision
  • Better daily sickness benefit protection
  • Industry-specific minimum wages


Holidays and paid short absences

The number of holidays varies depending on the company or age and can range from 20 to 30 days. Usually, temporary employees receive between 20 and 25 days of vacation per year. For each hour worked, a holiday reserve is calculated (8.33% for 20 holiday days and 10.6% for 25 holiday days), which is paid out when the employee obtains or leaves the company. This is not a deduction, but rather a temporary reserve to which the temporary employee is entitled.

In addition to the fixed holidays, the following paid short absences may be taken at the end of the probation period:

  1. Marriage of the employee
  2. Death of a family member: 3 days
  3. Birth or marriage of own child: 1 day
  4. Care of the own or in the household living sick child per sickness: 3 days
  5. Relocation of own household: 1 day


Sicknesswoman 698943 1280

As a temporary employee, you are insured under a collective daily benefits insurance policy which pays you 80% of your average salary from the third day of sickness onwards. The deductions for this insurance will not exceed 2.5% of your salary. According to CBA, the continued payment of salary under BVG (Occupational Pension Act; Swiss: Berufliches Vorsorge-Gesetz) obligation (which is from the third month of employment for temporary work) is 720 days, without BVG obligation only 60 days.



Overtime is paid if you work more than 9.5 hours a day or more than 45 hours a week. The surcharge for overtime is 25%. In addition, further surcharges for night work or work on public holidays apply depending on the company.


Time recording and wage payment

Time recording can vary from company to company, and even within an organization, each department handles time recording differently.

Most temporary employees receive a badge to record their working hours and work breaks electronically. This data is then automatically recorded in the system and forwarded to us so that nothing hinders the smooth payment of wages. But as the technology sometimes may be, some problems or transmission errors may occur. In most cases, these are quickly detected and adapted. Otherwise you will have to record your hours manually. The payment of wages depends on the company where you work and can be either hourly or monthly.


Probationary period and periods of notice

Termination of the employment contract, i.e. the period of notice and the probationary period, are in accordance with Art. 10&11 CBA.

The probationary period for temporary assignments is 2/3 of the duration of the assignment, with a maximum of 3 months. In the case of open-ended assignments, the first 3 months are regarded as the probationary period.

  • During the probationary period, the employment can be terminated by nemensis ag and the temporary employee with a notice period of 2 working days.
  • During the first 3 months (including the third month) of uninterrupted employment, a notice period of 2 working days may be given.
  • In the period from the 4th to (and including) the 6th month of uninterrupted employment with a notice period of 7 days.
  • From the 7th month of uninterrupted employment, the period of notice shall be one month, in each case to the same day of the following month.

However, longer notice periods can also be agreed individually in the assignment contract. Assignments of a fixed duration end without notice.



Temporary jobs are often preceded by an unfounded negative reputation.  There are many reasons to take a temporary job: as a bridging, as an opportunity to get to know new positions or simply because the industry cannot offer it any other way.


We will be happy to advise you at any time and are available to answer any important questions you may have!

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