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Writing a successful application

Do you have a medical, pharmaceutical, technical, or scientific degree?

Successful applications include well-structured and complete application documents. These pages provide you with some tips for the cover letter and your complete CV.

Please note that there are no limits placed on your individual freedom to set out the documents as you wish. The examples provided are by no means the only correct layout. They are simply intended to serve as a starting point for you to build on.


How should I present myself in my application?

Research shows us that 6-8 seconds is the average time spent reading a CV. Because in some cases you are one of dozens of candidates applying. Your application documents must therefore be to-the-point: well-structured, easy to read, and tailored to presenting you in the best possible light. A well-compiled file enables the recipient to make a quick initial assessment.

Present your skills and strengths in line with the requirement profile. Consider each application an individual and personal offer from you. Creating a large number of identical files is thus not the best approach. Gearing your application to the open vacancy will get you further. Making sure you have a clear picture of the vacant role and the employer will go a long way in doing so.

The first part of an application is always the cover letter. In it you give a first impression of yourself by briefly and concisely explaining the reason why you are the ideal candidate. Refer to the strengths and experiences you have that are explicitly asked for and are thus relevant to the reader. Choose objective phrasing in your cover letter and stick to positive terms. Enclose the letter with your CV, which should not contain any gaps. Bullet points can be helpful in highlighting relevant experience and professional achievements. Include a professionally taken photograph. Note: pictures from the latest party or a vending machine massively reduce your chances of success! Finally, enclose all references and graduation certificates. However, make sure to never send original documents.


Frequently asked questions ­and application tips

No, there are no costs for you as a candidates. The costs for the evaluation and filling of a position are born by companies that request our services.

For interviews taking place with our consultants, your respective recruiter will tell you what documents are required. When going for an interview with a potential future employer, make sure you conduct thorough research on the role, company, and people involved, to signal your interest. Make sure to bring along your application documents, as well as the job description, for you to refer to during the interview.

The timetable for filling a vacant position depends greatly on the company we represent in the hiring process. Whilst we can take on an advisory role, there is no standard answer on how long it will be until we can get back to you with information on next steps. We will of course let you know as soon as possible and encourage you to reach out to us, whenever you have any questions or input.

This decision will be made by you together with our nemensis consultant. We never send out your information without your prior consent and are happy to provide you with further details at a face-to-face meeting.

This depends on your nationality and where you live. Your nemensis consultant will be happy to help you with specific information.

Not at all. Just as the employer is entitled to reject candidates, the candidate can also reject job offers.

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