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Can’t find the right job? Send us your spontaneous application

We invite you to send us your spontaneous application, even if you cannot find a suitable position for yourself amongst our current job postings.

You cannot find a suitable position on our career page? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Reach out to us so we can have a conversation about your skillset and experience, as well as your aspirations. Based on our conversation, we will make sure to reach out to you when the right job for you comes along. Leave it to us find the right company for you!

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High potential and high performer

If you are applying on spec via the contact form, a CV will suffice for the time being. Based on your CV we can assess your skillset and what you have achieved to date.

Your CV will provide information on the level of performance to be expected from you and whether you can be a good fit for upcoming vacancies. The most common way to document this is through highlighting your professional experience and academic achievements, but also through disclosing internships or periods spent abroad. Indeed, it could even occu that your CV and potential impresses a company so much that they want to bring you on board even if there is currently no job vacancy at all. And that’s the benefit of sending us a speculative application. So why hesitate?

Food for thought

Why is the job you’re applying to the right one for you?

Writing a spontaneous application – if you do it right – can be hard work. Particularly so, if you have become oblivious to your own achievements and experiences. Restructuring your CV can help you to flesh out your strengths (and weaknesses). Use the process to remind yourself of all the qualifications you have acquired and – what is more– of the values, motives, and objectives that led you to where you are today.

Your ability to reflect on your choices, experiences, and qualifications can make a real difference in a job interview. Strictly speaking, the written job application is an application for an interview, so make sure you play to your strengths to get it.

Application documents

Cover letter, CV, etc.

What to include in a written application
You probably already know all this. Nevertheless, we will summarise it briefly for you. In Switzerland, a personal application should include a cover letter, a CV, reference letters from former employers, educational diplomas, and other related certificates. Very important: Use the cover letter to explain why a company needs you in particular. Use the data from your CV only if it really fits in with your reasoning. The human resources expert will be able to read all the rest themselves. Be memorable and make your letter stand out.

Be on-point. Prioritize easiness-to-read and user-friendliness. Be comprehensive in your CV and pay attention to chronology. Nevertheless, even if you are 50 years old, avoid using more than two pages. If you want to go into more detail about your motives, use a special “third page”.

Stick to verifiable and relevant information. And finally, when you’re done, let someone who is not afraid to criticise you have a look at it.

And now?

Following your spontaneous application

You wrote to us. What happens next?

Once we receive your application, we review it and reach out to you to plan the next steps of your career together. Give it a try! You have nothing to lose and lots to gain. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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