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Temporary work is indispensable in a flexible and globally oriented economy such as Switzerland. Temporary work stands for the agility and adaptability of companies and contributes to the continuous, steady, and reliable provision of products or services. Temporary work has many names: temporary employment, freelancing, contracting, or others. Whatever the name, it offers many advantages and – if applied correctly – can both relieve a burden from businesses and provide applicants with great projects. Below we answer a few questions about temporary work:


What is temporary work?

What is temporary work?

Temporary work is much more varied than you think. Temporary work means that for a limited time your company procures additional personnel from a temporary employment agency. These workers are generally not employed by you. The agency acts as the official employer and takes care of all matters related to personnel administration.

A company therefore does not have to concern itself with all those formalities. That means a saving in time and effort that is not to be underestimated. The temporary employment firm loans its workers as agents to companies that register a need. That is why this form of temporary work is also often called agency work. In this process the agency takes into account all legal conditions under which a worker can be given a temporary job.


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Those who utilise temporary staff do so for a variety of reasons: seasonal fluctuations, peaks in order volume, long-term illness and/or absences, holiday season and ensuing scarcity of staff, and potential unforeseen events. Falling back on staff from personnel services providers helps mitigate and resolve the strain on the company in the short and long run. Moreover, the employment of temporary staff also offers the following advantages:

Searching for and evaluating new staff is cumbersome and quite the investment: the time and money spent finding the right talent for your purposes is substantial. These issues can be avoided by using an experienced and competent personnel services provider such as nemensis. Our consultants know their way around the market, are well-networked, and will tap into their resources to identify suitable candidates that meet your requirements. Involving us and making use of our key competencies will buy you time to focus on your core business. Get in touch to hear more about how we can find your required personnel efficiently.


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